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AI-powered cloud system for robust digital pathology support

  • POINT1

    Sharing diagnostic results
    cases anytime, anywhere

  • POINT2

    Reducing physician travel
    and management/
    transportation costs

    of pathology specimens

  • POINT3

    Promoting medical digitization
    by building databases

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No initial cost
to install equipment
other than
the Internet environment

Our original high-speed
viewer makes it easy
to share cases

Do these problems look familiar?

PidPort offers effective solutions
for the following.

Three Features

Key Functions

Other functions are planned to be developed and installed in the future.

Actual Usage

How to start our service

If you are interested in PidPort, please contact us using the Contact Form.
Our representatives will carefully explain and follow up with you
so that you can comfortably use the system in your daily work.

Research & Development

Pathology AI can determine the tissues of the stomach, colon, breast, lung, and pancreas, as well as the cells determination of the uterine cervix, and we are conducting research and development on other organs and cases.


If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us using
the Contact Form.